Fighting Negativity

Negativity is always present and unavoidable nowadays. It can be because of the increase of calamities around the world, increase of illness or wars in different parts of the earth. Here are the tips to fight it and to live happily.

Farts are Good

Farting is considered as inappropriate especially in a crowded room. But in reality, farting are beneficial to your health. Learn why in the next video.

Using a Doctors Excuse Note for School

Now that once one is caught using a doctors note for school can easily land to jail among other forms of punishments, there is need to come up with strategies that will reduce or even inhibit the use of these notes. These mechanisms needs to be used by students and employees who would like to have some days off work or school due to on reason or another.

Employing more medical personnel like doctors, nurses and other health physicians in various can be a good idea. This will make sure that once an employee is genuinely sick and would like to have some days out of work, he or she can approach a health centre, meet a readily available physician who will examine him and if possible prepare a medical report requesting his employer to grant him several days off work. You can get a great note from KATV dr. here.

Bosses need to be giving their workers some days in between there working schedules so that the employees do not get worn out or tired that will tempt them to seek for these fake notes. Keep in mind that one can still forge sickness and still get a fake doctor’s note even though in the real sense he may not be sick.

There should be recruitment of more workers at certain working stations so that it is not only a certain person working on a particular station and such that he cannot be assisted. Getting more people on board will help reduce the tendency of workers seeking a fake doctors excuse.

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